We followed on with our mythical theme by designing and making castles!


We have been scientists!

We investigated ways in which we could stop the ice from melting.

We tried various materials, such as flour, salt, cotton wool, water and tinfoil. See if your child can recall which material had the best results!



This week we have been busy learning to halve both shapes and numbers in practical ways. We are learning that halving means splitting the whole into 2 parts and that these parts need to be the equal.


This week we have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes

Outside we have been on environmental shape hunts and creating shapes with skipping ropes. We have also played shape lotto games and have been describing shapes without using their names for a partner to guess.

Inside we were set the challenge of how many different shapes we could make with 8 matchsticks. We also investigated which shapes rolled or slid down a ramp and discussed why this might be. The children used the language of fat or flat, round, curved, straight, points, corners and edges.


Maths Cafe

Our Maths Cafe was based on learning about subtraction using songs, such as Ten in the Bed, Ten Fat Sausages and Ten Green Bottles as well as practicing our number recognition. It was wonderful to have so many grown-ups in class supporting their children’s learning. Some children have begun using these experiences to draw or write their number sentences.